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Foundation for Pure Art

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Bali, Indonesia

Loction: Banjar Teges Kanginan, Peliatan

The Yayasan is presently undertaking a number of projects and a full report on each is being prepared for publication on the web.

The following is a list of projects and a short description.

Legong Kraton
Training of new legongs to dance Legong Kraton. These children have been learning for 4 years and are now performing regularly.
Director: Ni Putu Sutarini

Gong Semar Pegulingan
Sekehe Dharma Purwa Jati is the flagship of the yayasan's performing groups. The group performs both the traditional repetoire as well as many modern compositions. Tradition taught by I Made Lebah (deceased). Director : I Nyoman Wasa.

Topeng Panca
Rehabilitation of the Topen (Mask dance) style from Batuan from the fifties with restoration of masks from that period. Director: I Made Djimat

Barong Landung
The building and training of new performers in the ancient tradition of Barong Landung performance . This is the only pair of these puppets which performs for visitors to Bali. The male and female puppets have recently had a child and its name is Ni Luh Galuh. This puppet is performing regularly at the moment in Bali. (See picture) Director: Douglas Myers

Gamelan Guntangan/Arja Performance
To accompany Barong Landung . Director: I Made Djimat. Director of gamelan: I Wayan Tembles (Blanksinga)

Gong Kebyar
Performs regularly in local temples playing Lelambatan temple music. Also used to accompany the Topeng Panca project. Directors: I Ketut Surama, I Wayan Sadra (Staff Yayasan)

On-going project to digitise the collection of recordings and videos made in Indonesia during the period 1970 until 1990 by the Australian ethnomusicologist Douglas Myers. Transferance of analogue recordings to optical format with 16 bit CD for listening. Director: Douglas Myers

The Yayasna is also actively involved in assisting people acquire such items as instruments and recordings from the Indonesian archipelago. It offers a backup serice over time. Director : Ni Putu Sutarini


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