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Bali, Indonesia

Loction: Banjar Teges Kanginan, Peliatan

gender wayang

Music Tuition

While the Yaysan offers music tuition in all styles and genres of performance in Bali our courses are always tailored to the specific needs and outcome requirements of the student.

The Yayasan offers specialised gamelan training in Semar Pegulingan, Gong Kebyar and Gamelan Selunding. It offers instrumental teaching in gender wayang, tingklik (bamboo) and suling (flute).

Styles include both traditional and modern. Composition is also taught.

While "one to one learning" plays a part in the Yaysan's tuition programme it is frequently supplemented by rehearsal with a small group of performers which gives the student the opportunity to "hear" the various parts of the piece being learnt, at the same time as it is being rehearsed. It is therefore not unusual to have up to five staff assigned to one student for a rehearsal period. The student also has the opportunity to perform with a full ensemble when ready.

Individual instruments are available on loan to the student for private practise.

The yaysan also offers courses in Balinese singing Arja for both male and female voice and the accompanying gamelan style Gong Guntangan.

The music student will also come to understand a little of the dance of Bali and its inter-relation with the music of Bali.

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