Indonesian Instruments For Sale

Javanese Gamelan For Sale

Note: Pictured instruments are examples from the actual sets on sale. It is not possible to show all the instruments in a particular set.


Newly made Gong Kebyar (uncarved)

Balinese Angklung Gamelan(carved)

Balinese Angklung Gamelan For Sale

Gong Kebyar Complete (carved)

Gong Kebyar Complete

Semar Pegulingan

Ask for specific instrument prices e.g.

Drums - Large $150 each

Medium (legong) $120

Small - Anklung $50

Cengceng with turtle stand $200


Gongs of various sizes$200 upwards (price of small gong in picture)


More Balinese Gongs


Our suling maker, Pak Sadra from Blanksinga
is always willing to quote on your suling needs.

approx US$15 per suling


Gender Wayang

Large pair $2,899 Smaller pair $2,875

Full set (four instruments ) $5000

Click HERE for enlarged picture of Gender Wayang


All prices are Landed in Bali. Costs of onward transport and packing can be supplied on request.

Guidelines for shipping:

One set of Balinese Gamelan is about 6 cubic meters.

One cubic meter by sea from Surabaya to Los Angeles is $150




Important Note: Please use the prices as a guide and enquire further by email. Because of the tendency for fluctuation in the Indonesian economy all prices are subject to change without notice. November 8, 2006.


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