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The Foundation is legally registered in Indonesia. Its aim is to preserve what is essentially the Indonesian artistic tradition and at the same time develop new and exciting concepts within the arts.

It aims to support endevours in Indonesian arts wherever they occur and it is called upon. The yayasan is therefore interested in acting as a liason for the acquisition of gamelan, instruments, recordings, wayang, constumes, masks and the like when it is within its power to assist.

The yayasan offers teaching in Balinese styles of music and dance. It has a number of performing groups which include its flagship, Sekehe Dharma Purwa Jati a Semar Pegulingan group which maintains the original repertiore for this ensemble as well as presenting many modern compositions. In the field of contemporary studies the yayasan supports a JOGCAK group which combines the vocal cak chant with the vibrating sounds of the huge bamboos of the West Bali Jegog ensemble. The yayasan receives its funding from performance, teaching and private donation.

Location: Banjar Teges Kanginan, Peliatan
Offers Music (including singing - Arja) and Dance tuition at reasonable rates
Specialising in Semar Pegulingan, Gong Kebyar, Gong Gambuh, Gong Guntangan, Gong Selunding, Gong Gambang, Tingklik , Gender Wayang and also offering other styles.
Tuition tailored to suit your needs. Accommodation is available.
The Yayasan is not only a teaching area but also a rehearsal and performance area. The student is often able to participate in rehearsals.
The Yayasan also houses a considerable collection of materials from all over Indonesia related to the Arts of Indonesia. Indonesian instruments are available for sale. Indonesian recordings are available for sale. The Yayasan supports many Projects. The Yayasan can offer email access to resident students

Contact us for further information at polos@goarchi.com

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