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Gong Guntangan

Gamelan Guntangan/Arja Performance

To accompany Barong Landung.
Director: I Made Djimat.
Director of gamelan: I Wayan Tembles (Blanksinga)

This group is now performing regularly for both Balinese and Tourist audiences. It is the only set of Barong Landung on the island of Bali which is used for entertaining tourists and is therefore quite a popular attraction.

The standard of the performance is, like the star attractions, very high. The performance includes segments of opera (Arja) and tells the story of 13th century (or earlier?) Bali based around the adventures of the Chinese maiden, Kan Ching Wee and her marriage and subsequent living in Dalam Balingkan.

The group has bought its own set of instruments and is independent for performance.

It consists of 16 people with very light gamelan and props and is ready for performance anywhere in the world.

Contact us for further information at polos@goarchi.com

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