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Recorded in June 2000

Legong Series: Legong Lasem Lengkap (The full version of the Lasem legong)


performed by the Dharma Jati Group from Teges Kanginan, Peliatan on the Gamelan Semar Pegulingan.


Gambuh - Bali's legendary roots are disclosed in this amazing musical mixture. Vocals from the past combine with the sounds of the long sulings (flutes) which form the whisplike substance of the accompaniment to the unusual and rare performance style.

Gambuh Group - Panti Pusaka Budaya, Batuan, Bali
Director - I Made Djimat


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or the full version (2 CDs) $30


Legong Series: Golden Gong of Bali - Traditional Semar Pegulingan performed by the Dharma Jati group from Teges Kanginan Peliatan. Includes Lasem biasa - the shortened version of the Legong Lasem dance.


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