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June, 1998

Business Editorial

Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world. It has an abundance of both human and natural resources.

It is presently undergoing an economic crisis of unheard-of proportions which has also become coupled with a political crisis.

President B.J.Habibie is now planning the future of the nation.

Indonesia's financial crisis would seem to offer many opportunities to the prudent investor.

Indonesia has a history of business. Northern Sumatra, strategically placedat the top of the Malacca Strait has dominated that trade route for centuries. It has was the meeting place of East and West long before it was visited by Marco Polo. Arab dhows and Makasan pinisi opened the trade routes to Africa, India and China in the early centuris of this milenium.

The traders brought their cultures and their wares with them. The influences which came with them still live on today. Business in Indonesia, nevertheless remains an enigma to some. Perhaps this is because it exists on so many levels.

Indonesia is at the forefront in the use of satellite communication and the archipelago has had a full satellite system of communications since the late sixties. The island of Bali is the first island in the world to have a fully fibre-optical telephone system installed.

At one end of the scale we have the giant govenment and private companies and at the other end of the scale we have the peasants and the Jakarta "poor". Business stories abound.

archipeliGo's policy is to bring you both ends of the spectrum. Often we will include the "human interest" type of business story with its roots in the simlicity of daily life at the level of the masses. We will also attempt to keep you up-to-date on business happenings at the corporate, provincial, national and international level.

We hope to offer you reading which is both interesting and informative and look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Good reading!

Jack Michaelson.
Business Editor.

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